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The Original Pizza: What Are the Secrets Behind The Food That We Love?

If you love pizza, you will be excited to know that there are many interesting facts about it. Pizza is widely regarded as one of the most popular and loved foods in the world today. It is now so common that almost every country around the world has its own version of it. Yet, where did this delicious food come from? Who invented it and how did it come to be what we know today? If you have ever wondered about these things or want to know more about pizza, read on for some interesting facts about this famous food.

What is the history of pizza?

Although pizza has become a very common food today, very few people know that it actually has a long history. Although origin stories about original pizza vary quite widely, most people agree that it must have been invented in Italy. Some people say that it was invented by the Ancient Romans, who used to bake bread topped with olive oil, garlic, herbs and cheese in a pan for soldiers to take on campaigns. There are others who say that it was invented in Medieval Italy, when chefs from the Middle East came to Italy and brought their flatbreads with them. The story goes that the chefs used to make the flatbreads topped with cheese and other ingredients and cook them in a wood-fired oven. This is said to be the invention of the pizza as we know it today. There are also a few other people who say that pizza was invented by Italian emigrants to America. They say that these emigrants borrowed the idea of topping bread with cheese and other ingredients from Italian immigrants in America.

How did pizza become so popular?

Although pizza is now a very common food that is enjoyed globally, it took a while for it to become so popular. A famous pizza chain was founded by two brothers in 1958. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that pizza became really popular. This was when frozen pizzas were first sold in supermarkets and people could easily buy them for their families. Before this happened, it was very hard for families to make pizzas at home. The frozen pizzas also tasted great and people began to buy them regularly. Now, pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. In 2018, people ate over 36 million pizzas every day in the United States.

What are the most common ingredients in pizzas?

- Cheese - This is the most common and essential ingredient in any pizza. More than 50% of the pizzas sold in the world have cheese as their main topping. The most popular cheese for pizzas is mozzarella. - Sauce - The next most common ingredient for a pizza is the tomato sauce. This is usually added to the pizza just before it is cooked to give it a nice flavor and make it appetizing. - Toppings - After the sauce and cheese, the toppings are the next most important part of the pizza. The most popular pizza toppings are pepperoni, mushrooms, salami, and olives. - Herbs - Some chefs also add other herbs like oregano to the pizza to give it a unique flavor.

The different types of pizzas and their toppings

- Margherita - This is the most traditional type of pizza. It was likely the very first pizza ever made. It is named after the queen of Italy and is made with basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, and olive oil. - Hawaiian - This pizza is so named because it is topped with pineapple. This is a common pizza in the United States. - Vegetarian - This is a pizza with a lot of vegetables on it rather than meat. - Mexican - This is a pizza with spicy toppings like salsa and chili. - Hawaiian Hawaiian - This is a Hawaiian pizza topped with ham. - Hawaiian Mexican - This is a Hawaiian Mexican pizza with ham and salsa.


Pizza is a very popular food that has become quite common all over the world. This is likely because it is easy to make, can be eaten at any time and is very tasty. Since people have been eating this food for many years, there are many variations of it. Each country has its own version of pizza, and some types are even very specific to certain areas within that country. If you love pizzas, you should come to Palermo's Pizza to try some of these variations and see which one you like best!

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